Here's What People Are Saying About EPR!

"Whether you’re a company, government agency, or an individual and are looking to get into how you can go green, Ron Kamen is your man for the job! As a future professional, this podcast is a great way to learn more about the clean/ green direction society is headed towards." - Student

"What I like about this [podcast] is how the speaker is relating to what is done towards Native Americans and how it can change to have true equality in the community around them. What I like about the speaker is how she was passionate about what she was discussing and enjoyed discussing all the good and bad to have both points of view." - Student

“I thought Dory Larsen had a great interview. Her stories of her and other people’s experiences with owning electric cars helps drive home the point that anyone can own one and it’s not as futuristic as it seems. Clean energy and electric vehicles are in a transition from the minority to the majority, which makes them an interesting and prevalent topic to study.” - Student

"Great Podcast and I look forward to listening in each week." - Business Owner

"I’m sure you know but I’ll say it anyways- you guys are doing such a good job with this! Keep it up :)" - Environmental professional

"Great podcast for environmental professionals of all experience levels. Laura and Nic have great chemistry. They provide good humor and smart, thoughtful questions. The selection of guests has been excellent. This is a must listen if you want to know the latest and greatest on environmental reviews permitting, and technology, or want to get to know the people that are working in the field. Keep up the great work!!" - White House Government Rep

"During my weekend yard work, I listened to 5 or 6 of the EPR podcasts. Nice job on that. Maybe it's because I'm close to the type of things you discuss, but you guys are easy to listen to. Keep it up!" - Environmental Professional

"The EPR Podcast is great! Interesting guests and dialogue. Nic and Laura are podcast rock stars!" - NAEP Board Member

"I look forward to listening every Friday!" - PR Professional

"These podcasts are an easy and fun way to stay current and learn about NEPA and related environmental fields- I highly recommend it for both experienced and junior staff." - NEPA Professional

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